About Us


Every person of color on a wellness journey has noticed something... 

The lack of representation on fitness/wellness blogs, in advertising, in yoga classes, at wellness retreats and other fitness/wellness studios and events. It can be extremely alienating and paints a false picture about the importance of wellness in our community

The Black Wellness Community was created to address this lack of diversity in the wellness space. Our aim is to bridge the gap between people of color and wellness and create a curated platform for wellness enthusiasts and newcomers alike to be their best selves. We believe that all communities should have equitable representation and access to health and wellness resources. 


Our mission is to build a platform that highlights people of color in wellness.

To cultivate a diverse wellness community with the intention of inspiring people of color to improve their health and to restore health in our communities. 

To create a space where we prioritize healing, mental health, self-care, personal growth, and our overall well-being. 

To share and promote resources, experiences, and events that benefit our well-being of our community

To informinspire, and empower our community to build and sustain healthy, wellness-centered lives. 



Have questions about The Black Wellness Community, or want to find out how to partner with us? Contact us!