6 Habits That Will Make You Feel Grounded

What does it mean to be grounded”

The idea of being grounded means that we have a strong foundation within ourselves spiritually that allows us to feel firmly established and rooted internally, regardless of what is happening in the around us externally.

When you are grounded you can:

  1. Feel fully present in your body and/or
  2. Feel connected to the earth.

We’ve all experienced being grounded at some time in our lives. We feel “at home”. But it is a fleeting experience.

Signs You Are Not Grounded or Centered

  • Feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually drained
  • Being easily affected by what’s going on around you, especially other people’s energy or mood
  • Involuntary scary or bad thoughts come up and undermine your daily life
  • Certain memories keep returning on their own in flashbacks
  • Clumsy, constantly dropping things or running into things
  • Catching yourself and wondering “how did I get here”
  • Being open and vulnerable to lower or unwanted energy
  • Feeling your energy spinning (or simply feeling dizzy for an unknown reason)
  • Absorbing the energy, emotions, moods, and feelings of others and feeling them as if they are your own
  • You try to join something that looks like fun but you feel too disconnected to enjoy it
  • Your mind is racing, you lose focus, you’re spaced out


Maintaining your grounding is important in staying centered and clear focused about your life. Luckily, there are grounding techniques to help us get and stay rooted in our bodies.


1. Connect With Nature 



Being close to nature is as grounded as you can physically become. When everything around you is shaky, take a seat. Take off your shoes and socks and root the soles of your feet into the Earth. Go to a park, take a seat on the ground, and touch the blades of grass. There are many simple ways to feel connected with the environment. When we are surrounded by nature we are soothed at a deep and primal level. Even if you are not the “outdoorsy-type” you can do a lot of things to reconnect with nature


2. Turn Your Focus To Your Breath



When are focused on your breaths, you are living in the present. You are not fixated on past or future worries, plans, or desires, you are instead in the current moment. Your awareness becomes inward allowing you to notice any physical sensations or wandering thoughts that take you away from your breaths. Don't beat yourself if you are not able to focus on your breathing for long – just being aware that you've lost your focus brings you back to the present moment. 


3. Try Yoga


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There are specific yoga postures that are designed to calm our bodies. Forward folds, in particular, help to re-set our nervous system. When this happens, our brain stops releasing the stress hormone, cortisol and begins the process of relaxation and grounding. 


4. Take a hot bath



Soaking in hot water is a powerful way to ground yourself and release tension. If you can, use Epsom salt and mix them into the water. It will help relax you and ease emotional tension. Taking a bath cleans off the day's sweat and rids you of negative energy too. This leaves you refreshed and ready to face the challenge or situation head-on.


5. Start a Hobby



Each of us has an activity which we enjoy to do. Examples of hobbies are knitting, painting, singing, writing poetry, reading or playing board games. Hobbies are a perfect way to become centered or grounded. Not only are they relaxing, they also offer some time away from challenging emotional situations.


6. Hug someone


When we are not grounded we often have a lot of pent-up energy. It manifests itself as sadness, anger, anxiety, or frustration. If left unchecked, it can grow out of control. Thankfully, we can release and become more grounded by simply hugging someone else. When our bodies interact with each other, energy is transferred from one to the other. Hugging can do this and help to reduce your pent up emotion resulting in a more calm, stable disposition.