How to Eat Plants and Get Enough Protein

So you watched "What's The Health" and decided you wanted to try a plant-based diet. Maybe you were always interested but wasn't sure if it was the right "fit" for you. Or maybe you are already on the path to plant-based utopia but are a little concerned with a few key nutrients. Whatever the reason, welcome.



The plant-based life is a wonderful place where all you could ever want and need is provided.

  • better health
  • energy
  • glowing skin
  • longer hair
  • weight loss
  • clearer skin

You name it, plants got it. 




Yes, dear friends. Plants also have enough protein for you to thrive and live a long healthy life.

While animal-based protein in more easily digested (because their genetic makeup is more similar to ours.. and comes in more quantities than plants it doesn't mean it's necessarily the best and only option.

Plant proteins are not only a source of complete protein (fyi: a complete protein is one that includes all nine amino acids the body can’t produce on its own) but they also offer health benefits like lowering blood pressure, the risk of heart disease, and decreased risk of cancer. 

But to be completely transparent here, people interested in building muscle may have a to work a little harder on a plant-based diet but they can still achieve their goals with the right meal planning and focus.

Hopefully, this helps some feel more comfortable on their plant-based journey.




(Bonus) To make it a little easier we have outlined some of the most common forms of plant-based protein (think of it as a starting map to the land of plant-based utopia)