3 Healthy Soul Food Recipes That Keep Your Black Card in Tact

My Grandmother, and the Matriarch of my family, is from the deep south. Growing up her fried chicken was food for the Gods to me (and it still is, let’s be serious). I remember many times coming in the kitchen and distracting her so I could steal a few drumettes (and I still do, let’s be serious).

For many of us, Soul Food is more than just food. It’s connection, nostalgia & culture. That’s precisely why it’s hard to make dietary changes despite knowing that foods high in saturated fat, salt & sugar aren’t health promoting.

So, what do we do? Must we give up barbeques, family reunions & Sunday dinners for good? Nope. There are plenty of dope replacements for your favorite soul food dishes. I can’t promise Grandma will approve of my recommendations. But, trust that what these recipes lack in refined carbs and sodium they make up for in flavor and nutrients.


Pork Rind Crusted “Fried” Chicken:



    Sautéed Kale with Garlic + Bacon



    I feel your eyes rolling…Kale, really? Yes. Not only is Kale detoxifying & nutrient-rich, but with a little bacon & garlic it hardly tastes like “health food”. Still not convinced? Read more about the benefits of kale here.


    Low-Carb Shrimp & Grits Recipe




    I’m 100% here for cauliflower grits. This dish is high in fiber & flavor. A word of warning though, cauliflower is not the best smelling. I wouldn’t recommend ricing more of it than you will eat in a day to avoid lingering scents.

    Making healthier choices does not have to feel restrictive. We live in a time with access to so much information about food. There is no shortage of creative alternatives out there. Let’s strive to expand our palettes, eat more consciously and invest in our bodies. After all, you only get one.


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