6 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt

by Tarah Davidson

You know the saying “ it’s ok to not be ok?” I not only agree, I’m going to regurgitate it back to you. A key element to our happiness involves loving, forgiving, and attending to ourselves. Often times we fall short of these personal duties because of that inner voice that tells us to give up, we aren’t smart enough, or aren’t good enough for certain things. Take this moment to simply breathe.

Self-doubt is only as strong as you allow it to be. People go around making it sound easy to not doubt yourself, but what about those people that have always heard negative words towards them? How do you become your own cheerleader when you’ve begun to believe what you’re told? You tear it down brick by brick! Counter-question some of those things you’ve heard. What makes their words more valuable than your truth? Nothing! Think of the positive things you’ve done, the positive feedback you’ve received, and the goals you've smashed this far.

Nothing is too small to count.

Let’s break out some paper, a journal. or a workbook, and jot those things down.

Here are 6 ways to manage that self-doubt:

 Avoid Ruminating


I tend to discuss ruminating in many conversations because people do it often but are unsure what it means. Ruminating is when you take a negative thought and continuously mull over it. Festering those words and thoughts into undue stress, you’re too wonderful for that! Use your amazing voice for good. You spend more time with yourself than anyone, speak and breathe life into you.


Forgive For Yourself Not For Them


Forgive those that have spoken ill of you or attempted to steal pieces of your joy. They didn’t break you because you are sitting here in all of your glory reading words to help you set your future in motion! Forgiveness is healing and gives your power back! You deserve that.


Know You Are Enough


Quit overthinking and being a bigger critic of yourself than anyone that knows you! Sometimes we are not quite sure what we want, who we are, or where we want to go and that can feel defeating. You’re not alone in that. In fact, I would guess most if not all of us can relate. Each day is a new day to start again! Know that you are not your challenges and face the day with motivation, pride, and peace of mind.

Set Small and Attainable Goals


We all know that when you get a win, you feel good. Let’s go with that. Set small goals that are easily attainable to avoid stressing yourself out over the big stuff. As you knock those goals out of the park, progress to new goals. Take your time and pat yourself on the back as you proceed. Soon you’ll have the things you desire.

Recite a Daily Mantra


I use multiple mantras throughout the day depending on what the day entails. I love to include “be intentional” and "moving in love” because those words put an extra pep in my step. Just write a few and keep them close.

Take a Break


Never feel like you have to always be the life of the party, center of attention or the go-to person. Saying no is always ok. Try taking 6 deep breaths and replacing the self-doubting phrases with positive ones each time you feel them rising. Self-care is uber important so don’t neglect.

Go to a coffee shop, read a book, check out a movie, or grab a bite to eat by yourself. Get to know you better. Personal dates are perfect and necessary!








About The Author
Tarah D., M.S
Although she holds multiple titles to include mom and wife, the gist is that she loves helping people with their healing and growth. She’s a super foodie from Baltimore, who loves jazz, a good book, solid conversation and an occasional glass of wine! Find more from Tarah via her Instagram @Tarah_Davidson, her book How To Get The Want, and on her blog


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