5 Ways to Start Your Morning with Greatness

by Jamila Anahata

Ah, mornings. It’s a great time to start anew and express gratitude for seeing another day. Even though it feels amazing to lay in bed for an extra 30 minutes, it’s important for us to develop a practice to begin our day peacefully, raise our vibrations, and protect our energy.

Certainly, we could all wake up abruptly, brush our teeth, and head out the door for school or work, but that leaves us no time for getting centered or holistically prepared for the day ahead. It might not seem like such a big deal, however, we must set aside time for rejuvenating moments in the morning so we can fully wake up and turn on our magick for the day.

The best part about morning routines is that they look different for everybody! They don’t have to be a one-size-fits-all type of thing; it can be anything that makes us feel prepped and ready to go. Are you in need of a morning regimen but don’t know how to get started? Then read on for 5 Morning Routine Activities You Need To Try:

1: Prayer/Mini Meditation of Gratitude to your Ancestors and Guides

This doesn’t have to be super fancy. It’s as easy as waking up and mentally acknowledging and thanking your guides, angels, ancestors, and Universal Source for another beautiful day. It’s the perfect start because you’re already affirming that the day will go in your favor and also expressing gratitude to the unseen forces that offer you daily protection.  


2: Drink Two Cups or More of Water

Hydration, hydration, hydration! Making this one of the first things you do will wake up your body, lubricate your joints and organs, and make you feel more alert. If possible, drink a gallon (or 8 cups) of water a day to make sure your body is getting all the hydration it needs for proper body function.


3: Do some light stretching/yoga to loosen up for the day 

One of my favorite activities! Even if you don’t have a yoga mat or are the most skilled contortionist, make space to center your mind and body with some sun salutes or traditional warm-up stretches.

Our muscles can get pretty tight if we don’t regularly stretch them after tossing and turning in slumber for eight hours. Due to that, doing yogic stretches in the morning will reset our bodies but also induce calm in the mind that will eventually lead to meditation.


4: Full on meditation for relaxation, positivity, and energy protection

Best done after yoga and on an empty stomach, meditation will rejuvenate you and can give you mental clarity for a long day ahead. The goal wouldn’t be to completely silence your mind (which should be a goal after a while) but to notice the thoughts that pop up. The trick is to not engage with them.

Imagine yourself sitting outside on some grass on a beautiful day. Look up at the sky and acknowledge the soft, billowy clouds moving by. Put whatever thoughts that are surfacing into those clouds and visualize them floating by in the sky. Now those thoughts are a distant memory which allows more mental space for you focus on your breathing and intentions for the day.


5: Write in a journal to see where your head is at before the day

Sometimes we think we know where we’re at mentally but it’s hard to do that without expressing how we feel. What better way to express ourselves than through journaling! Writing down our initial thoughts and feelings is a wonderful way to emotionally set the tone for your day.

If we’re feeling heavy and negative, we can purge about it in our journals and move on. If we’re feeling fantastic, then we can sustain the vibes by affirming it in our journals. Either way, it feels awesome to be in tune with our thoughts and emotions, and it creates a much more pleasant day when we’re that honest with ourselves.

Try these regimens on for size and notice how it raises your vibration and protects your precious energy! Of course, there are many ways you can achieve the morning euphoria that is unique to you, but these are definitely a lovely start to a long day. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to start it with greatness!



About The Author
Jamila Anahata is a passionate activist, blogger, and lifestyle coach in the DC/Baltimore area. Her favorite topics to write about are social justice, veganism, and spirituality and how it affects her life as a black femme. In her free time, she likes to read tarot cards, cook whole plant foods, practice Self-Mastery, and lift heavy at the gym! Find more from her at thesoulfulveganista.com and @thesoulfulveganista 


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