5 Habits You Should Leave Behind

It's December and the New Year's resolutions are making their way out into the social media world. Before you start to plan yours, here are 5 habits you should drop like they are hot, before stepping into the new year. 

Being Fearful. While fear can keep us safe, it can also hold us back. Do not let fear choose your destiny in 2018. And the only way to conquer fear is to do what you’re afraid of. On the other side of fear is freedom and happiness. Leave behind fear and start doing the things you dreamed of. 

Saying “I’m fine”

Your feelings and emotions are valid and deserve to expressed. You make believe keeping them to yourself is helpful but it’s actually extremely harmful and can lead to mental or even physical problems that manifest itself in the form of depressed or sickness. Staying silent or ‘fine’ deprives you of the opportunity to express your emotions and seek help for whatever you’re facing. Next time someone asks how are you doing/feeling, use that moment to release. Leave behind repressed emotions in 2017. 

Negative Self-Talk. The world criticizes us enough, you have to be your biggest fan. Can’t find something to appreciate about yourself? Then fake it until you make it. Yes, lie to yourself. Every morning look at yourself in the mirror (directly in the eye) and say you are amazing and awesome and deserve the best. Say it like you mean it (even if you don’t) and eventually you will. Leave behind self-loathing and ripping yourself apart in 2017. 

Worrying About Things You Can't Control. This is a major one people. 85% of what we worry about never happens. Stress causes real damage (physical and mental) so choose what you stress over wisely. Stressing over something you can’t control is like buying clothes on a website that doesn’t ship (a complete waste). Leave that behind in 2017. 

Comparing Yourself to Others. Men lie, women lie, especially on social media. Do not compare yourself to anyone on social media, they are not as happy as the pose to be. Everyone has their own path and most do not share the potholes on theirs. You have your own path to walk and when you stop focusing on what everyone else has and is doing, you can find true happiness and your own unique purpose.

Let’s get ready to start this new year off on the right foot.