4 Ways to Change Your Relationship With Money


by Tanisha Carter




Restoring financial stability is a top priority for me this year. In fact, it is my only New Year’s Resolution that is still holding strong! In just a few weeks, I’ve opened an online checking account for bills, two savings accounts, and have allocated funds for all three accounts! Had you asked me at the beginning of the year would it be possible for me to accrue this amount of money in this short amount of time then I would’ve scoffed. My relationship with money was damaged! Between the old folks warning me in this ominous voice that “money is the root of all evil” to consistently having an influx of outgoing money (shopping, bills, student loans, debt, etc) I had become fearful of money and doubted that I could ever manifest wealth. It was at that moment that I realized; in order to change my financial circumstances, I would have to change the way I felt about money. Especially when it came to paying my bills!

Like everything else in the world, money is energy! It is a vibrational frequency that you can draw to you or push away depending on how well you have nurtured your relationship with it. Here are a few steps to cultivate a healthy relationship with money:


1: Fall in love with your bills! 

How could spending hundreds each month on bills and loans make anyone feel good?! It doesn’t! It is what we get in return (food, shelter, water, gas, low-credit score, etc.) that we love. We must motivate ourselves to love the entire bill paying process from start to finish! Feel good knowing that whatever you put out you get back tenfold. Including money, you spend on bills! Although the tenfold may come in the form of food and shelter; be grateful anyway!

    Bills Tip: Open an online account just for bills. On payday, add a little something to it. Feel good transferring the money knowing that you will accumulate enough to keep more of your income to yourself in the future. 


    2: Stop speaking yourself into a money hole!

    I was that girl; the “I ain’t got it” or the “I’m broke” girl. Constantly speaking lack over my life, but I decided to change my money story. This is the story you tell others and yourself when you are invited to hang out, travel or try a new adventure. Try using phrases like “I’m low on funds this week”, “Can we take a rain check?", “Not this time, but let’s set up something in the near future”. These types of phrases help to create future wealth. By setting a later date, you are exclaiming to yourself and the universe that you will be financially stable enough to enjoy these luxuries very soon.

    Money Story tip: Speaking highly about money (I LOVE MONEY) can also reprogram your subconscious; clearing any negative feelings or fear that has been tied to it. Create your own love money story!

    3. All money is good money!

    (With the exception of illegal money, of course, lol) When I was speaking a life of lack, it manifested physically when I would walk past loose pennies without a second thought. Most people would, but I realized that I could not be in a state of receiving if even when the smallest amount of money that crossed my path I scoffed at! Whether you find change between the couch cushions or pennies on the street; all money is good money that makes money. And more money and more money! 

      Penny Pincher Tip: Go old school and get a piggy bank! Too nostalgic? A Simply Lemonade bottle will do! You can also find ways to pick up” loose change” digitally with the Digit App. This free and secured app monitors your bank account and withdrawals small amounts based on how much you spend. This is kept in a “Rainy Day” fund for you to withdraw whenever you are ready! 


      Cultivating a healthy relationship with money is extremely important when working to manifest wealth. Understanding first that it is energy and can be drawn to us by just changing the way we talk about it! Even if you have to trick your subconscious into believing it! Saving money also creates a positive vibrational frequency that welcomes abundance into your life. Even in the midst of spending money, we can eradicate buyer’s remorse, by just feeling good as soon as our fingertips touch our debit card. Just a few small, real steps we can take to fall in love with money.


      Here’s your own #MoneyMakingMeme. This is a simple Money Spell (Mantra) designed with everything you need in the physical to attract wealth: Malachite (greenstone), Citrine (yellow stone) Cinnamon Sticks (or dress the candle with oil) Florida Water (for extra anointing) and a green candle for extra anointing!


      The Honey Files Podcast, “I Love Money” https://linktr.ee/thehoneyfilespodcast


      About The Author
      Tanisha Carter is a Richmond, VA based poet using her weekly podcast, The Honey Files and self-directed show, Yeye: A One-Woman Journey, to assist in the collective efforts to change the narrative of black people involving issues such as women's rights, cultural/self-awareness, and community. Find her at @thehoneyfilespodcast and 




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