3 Types Of Friends Everyone Should Have

By: Erayna Sargent



What about yo’ friends? Are they gonna’ stand their ground? Are they gonna’ be around?


Did your inner voice go up on the last note like mine?

Today we’re going to talk about friends. Specifically, the kind that you need in your circle. I’m not going to focus on the “Ride or Dies” because hopefully, you’ve already recognized their value. I’m going to focus on the three friends that add significant value to your life, but you may be overlooking. First up…


Road Trip

Last minute flight to Vegas? They’re there. Need a date for a wedding? Just let them know how formal. Needing a Netflix and truly just chill night? They are already on their phone ordering Grubhub. Roadtrip is focused on enjoying life but is smart enough to do it in a responsible manner.  They are the first to start the Friday happy hour text and also the one that makes sure that everyone has a D.D.. This is the friend that you text when you need a last minute getaway or you just want to hibernate for the weekend but not be alone.

: Common Phrases: “I’m down.”/ “So what’s next?


2-way mirror

I know that this is a little abstract but give me a minute to explain. The two-way mirror is the friend that can always shed some light on a situation to help you see the other side. See what I did there?   This is the friend that you should talk to when you just can’t seem to get on the same page with someone and really want to find a way to work through it. Between their maturity and emotional IQ, you would think that they’ve been here before.

: Common Phrases: “What was your role in this situation?”/ “What do you think [insert name] would say about this same issue?”


Dear Diary 

This the friend that likely knows you better than anyone. They are always there to listen though you would never call them nosey. Any time you talk to them you somehow learn a little bit more about yourself.  Though they know your darkest secrets, Dear Diary keeps it all under lock and key. 

: Common Phrases: “That’s not my business to tell.”/ “I’m here if you ever need to talk.”




About The Author
Erayna is a marketing professional,  small business consultant, wellness warrior and overall ‘Goal Digger’. She is working to normalize all forms of wellness and tries to remind people that everyone deserves to be ‘Just a Little Selfish’. Connect with Erayna at @justalittleselfish and www.eraynasargent.com


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