Online Yoga Streaming Service for People of Color


Yoga Green Book is an online safe space offering yoga and meditation classes that educate and inspire. Classes are led by certified yoga teachers with a solid understanding of classical yoga text and a strong desire to promote wellness for people of color.

Carla Christine, created Yoga Green Book, after unapologetically quitting her Electrical Engineering job after 10+ years. She was tired of suffering from work-related anxiety, long commutes, and unfulfilling tasks. What led her to this epiphany? Yoga.

Carla first tried yoga in 2011 after the recommendation from a friend who was worried when a doctor prescribed Carla an anti-depressant for anxiety without an evaluation. Carla couldn’t see how twisting and bending could cause such healing in her body and mind but since her friend knew her struggles she agreed to try it. She believes it is probably the best advice she has taken because since then yoga has aided her in self-healing and self-study.

She decided to focus on creation instead of inclusion by developing a healing space for black people that could improve our physical, mental and emotional health as a united community. With a determined mind to see this dream happen, she created Yoga Green Book.


The name was inspired by the Negro Motorist Green Book. While the original Green Book was a printed guide of businesses that weary segregation-era travelers could trust and safely take refuge in, Yoga Green Book leads black men and women to this online safe space with culturally-affirming teachers using the ancient healing art of yoga to promote wellness. Yoga's roots are linked to black and brown people so she believes it is only fitting that this site showcases us.

This online space helps you foster an inner journey toward healing and holistic health regardless of your location. With racism, trauma, mental illnesses, and diseases that disproportionally impact our community, tools like yoga are needed now more than ever. Yoga can help us transform from the inside out and help us deal with the pressures of life to live healthier, happier, and fuller lives.

Yoga is ultimately a personal journey, but it’s easier to get started in a space you feel safe with culturally-affirming teachers and resources. Yoga Green Book provides the space and resources.