Booty Bands: All Hype or Just Right?

By Nichelle L. Jenkins, NASM-CPT



Ready for your belfie? Maybe you aren’t sure what that is (I had to Google it myself)?  A belfie is a selfie pic of the booty. Yep, a round, strong, sexy booty has become such a coveted item that sharing pictures of it on social media has spawned a brand-new word. 


So how can you best achieve this beauty symbol?  This evidence of a powerful and fit physique? 


Obviously, you could purchase inflatable cheeks (hey, no judgment).  But the safest way to get a shapelier, sexier, and stronger backside is through good nutrition and training that hits all three muscles of the butt through body weight or weighed resistance exercises.  I know, I know… not instantaneous and not-so-sexy. 

Squatting may not be the answer to get "buns of steel.” 

But working your rear doesn’t necessarily mean endless squats. According to fellow NASM certified personal trainer Cori Lefkowith, squatting may not be the answer to get "buns of steel.” Make no mistake, squats are a great foundation to a well-rounded weight training program.  According to Lefkowith though, they are not the best glute exercise for 9 out of 10 people because we may not even be activating glutes during squats. Many of us suffer from “dead butt syndrome” because of already tight hips and a tight low back caused by such things as excessive sitting.



And I hear you. The wedding or trip is next month. You don’t have access to equipment like barbells and benches for weighted squats, step ups, and lunges. Or maybe you want something affordable and portable that you can use quickly and easily to work that backside. 

Enter booty bands. Because more than the moves, the key to really shaping that peach is to isolate and activate the glute muscles as you work them. Booty bands are an efficient and affordable way to assist in doing just that.   


Booty bands are resistance bands designed in the shape of a continuous loop.  When used to work the glutes, the bands are worn around the ankles, shins, or above the knees. The booty bands work by isolating and activating the glutes in movements like clams or hydrants or even weighted squats as you abduct the leg with the glutes in order to keep the band taut while you perform the move (abduct means to move the leg away from the midline of the body).


Which booty bands to buy?  There are several on the market.  In general, booty band tensions range from light to very heavy for the strongest of legs and glutes, and they come in various colors, thicknesses, and materials ranging from rubber to stretch fabric. Get the booty bands that fit your budget and that are strong enough not to snap after a few uses.  I and my clients use rubber bands by Performance Systems as well as the stretchy fabric Glute Loop by Bret Contreras. 


Remember: the keys to a belfie-worthy booty are activation and strengthening of the glutes.  So slip on a booty band and get to work! 


About The Author

Nichelle L. Jenkins, NASM-CPT is a lawyer and minister now certified personal fitness trainer and group fitness instructor who offers both in-person and online training and nutrition coaching.  A former Division I college basketball player, Nichelle is in awe at what the human body can do at every age.  Her client roster includes women and men from their 20’s to their 60’s committed to boldly rebooting their lives to reach new levels of success from the boardroom to the locker room.  Follow her @nichelle_jenkins for more training tips.  
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