She's Working to Turn Illness Into Wellness


Disease prevalence is increasing and it is becoming more difficult to treat, manage and prevent debilitating conditions that demean the quality of life of so many individuals on a daily basis. Conventional medicine use alone is not adequate enough to control what we will consider an 'epidemic of diseases'. Every community has witnessed desolation from debilitating conditions, especially those of underserved and minority based communities.

Today's Healthy Hueman is Mary Gamble, she created Rooted Vigor to focus on health awareness, education, and management with an African wholistic approach to optimal wellness.


How did you get started in wellness? 

I am a family nurse practitioner and a third-year doctor of nursing practice resident. I am also the founder of Rooted Vigor, an integrative health service geared towards assisting individuals in paving a care plan.

Tell us more about Rooted Vigor.

Rooted Vigor seeks to reach out to individuals of under-served communities (or predominantly black/ethnic) to increase awareness of wellness. Many of the individuals in our community simply do not know better. I strive to educate them and give them the tools that they need in order to reverse disease and paint a healthier illustration. I also strive to encourage them to take responsibility for their health. To better reach the community our brand will be relaunching and will start to offer telehealth services. With these services, individuals will have access to me via email, text or web chat to discuss a wellness journey and create a care plan to enhance health. I also offer herbal products for sale in order to increase utilization of naturopathic medicines.

What is your favorite part about the work you do? 

My favorite part about what I do is educating the people and seeing true change. It pains me to see our people in such a devastating state of health. So, I feel that it is my duty to be that medium between the client and healthcare. I also enjoy introducing clients to natural ways to manage their health and getting them off of their medication.

What does “black wellness” mean to you? And what would you like to see happen or more of in the black community?

Black wellness to me is a continued connection of mind body and soul ties. I see the black community as a strong community ( if not the strongest community) of people but we are limited in what we can do because of the situations that we constantly allow ourselves to be in. We are supposed to work together to help each other build a community of well leaders and prosperers, but first, the ones that lead us must also be a good influencer of health by example. Black wellness to me is also our people finally overcoming the things that continue to beat us down and actually use those things as building blocks to help us rise back to the top and expand our health potential.

What is the top problem that you see for our community in wellness? What is your ideal solution?

The top obstacle is accepting responsibility for our health conditions. Many individuals will eat themselves into sickness and still blame others. On top of that, many of us lack the drive to change, but instead, we rely on doctors to give us the "magic pill". To solve these issues, we must first to help the individuals to (1) recognize the problem and how it can really affect a person's overall health, (2) take responsibility and (3) provide the clients with the resources needed to ensure a successful journey.

What is your self-care or wellness regimen?

I have a busy schedule constantly, but I find that the small things really help me to stay on the right track in regards to self-care. Short walks in between studying or reviewing, hyperactive stretching, meditation, reflexology and dancing to my favorite tunes are amongst the actions I take part in to facilitate self-care. Sometimes, I also spend extra attention on certain systems of my body depending on the day of the week. For example, on Monday I may focus on musculoskeletal so I spend more time stretching each major muscle group, or Tuesday, I may focus on the gastrointestinal system so I spend time indulging certain types of foods that don't aggravate my gut or performing oil massages on my stomach.

What's one ritual you recommend more people adopt to cultivate peace and wellness?

Meditation. This can be done by taking a break from what you are doing, closing your eyes and doing absolutely nothing. Positive affirmations or guided imagery usually facilitates this activity. This is one of the oldest and most underrated practice. Learning how to center yourself in the midst of a busy environment is a wonderful trait to obtain.

What recent small purchase has increased your quality of life?

Stress ball. I like to keep them around because they are easily accessible and effective. I use it to transfer any negative energy from myself into a ball (when squeezed). It's definitely something you have to get your mind into, but once you understand how to control and release negative emotions, the less stress and anger you may experience.

What is your final message for the community?

My message to you: TAKE CARE. No job, relationship, class, etc should come before your health. Learn how to take control over things that can be controlled so they won't control you or your quality of life. Also, time waits on no one, so start working on your health ASAP. If anyone needs guidance on their journey always feel free to contact us. Much love and peace to you.



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