Overcoming Fear to Create The Life You Want


I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you're not, I hope you have the courage to start over again.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

You may feel like you chose the path you're on but that may not be the case. In life, many of us are given a path to follow without even realizing it. Be it through compliments or criticism many of us start on a path based on what people think about us or for us. Some are fortunate enough to find their true path early, but for the rest of us, we somehow find ourselves in our adults years, looking back at our careers and lives unhappily and wondering, how did I get here? 

What happens then? When you realize this isn't the career, major, lover, or place you want to be in life. Do you stay because of fear, or do you find the courage to drop everything, turn around and start over?



Meet Amber Gabrielle, a wellness blogger, who in her final year of college found the courage to change her mind and change her path (and major) completely. From global affairs to epidemiology, Amber found the courage to listen to her inner self. Amber shares her story:


I grew up hyper aware of my body, and frankly, how much I hated it. Doctors and my mother always assured me that I wasn’t overweight, and that I didn’t need any type of diet; meanwhile, there I was, 8 years old, wondering why I have this massive potbelly that wouldn’t disappear regardless of what I ate and how much I played outside. From there, I flirted with wellness on and off, and every time I flirted with it I was reminded of how ugly my body was and how I needed to fix it. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of being a doctor, or someone who works in health and wellness space, but I concluded that I couldn’t become any of that, and that no one would take me seriously with my gut.

I hastily chose a major in global affairs because I convinced myself that I simply wasn’t good at science and math. 


There’s an emotional, and I believe a SPIRITUAL consequence that comes when you know you aren’t operating in the space you’re supposed to be. You must be aware of what’s at stake if you don’t make the change. .I was always sleepy and unmotivated in my classes, and that was because deep down, I knew I was supposed to be in a different field. I knew that if I stayed in that current field, I would continue to be unmotivated, and I would frankly be a cancer to any professional position I joined that was within this field. So, the fear of what happens if you remain in this place must be greater than the fear of starting over.
A small support system worked wonders on my transition. My parents were very influential in helping me make my career transition; they saw from my childhood how passionate I was about wellness and disease prevention, and they wouldn’t let me forget it. Their support and encouragement meant the world to me, and it made the transition a bit better.
You need to build a collection of resources that will make your transition easier. Google was my best friend when it came to building up a library of resources on how to succeed in my new career. I also intentionally put myself in wellness spaces on social media, and tried my hardest to add value to whatever space I was a part of. Some people will willingly keep information from you, and it sucks but your success is not up to them. You have to build your own resources and people who can help lighten the burden of the transition.


My first step to eliminating fear is being mindful of the content you consume. I look to other prominent women from the past and present who are living bold, fearless lives. Think Michelle Obama, Lupita Nyongo, Viola Davis, Luvvie Ajayi, Misty Copeland Chimamanda, Oprah, my momma, GIRL the list goes on. They’re out here, and they drop gems on a regular basis that remind me to live a fearless life. Second, remember that the goal isn’t always to eliminate all traces of fear, it’s working up the courage to do things even when afraid.


Keep up with Amber's journey on her Instagram @ohshewentglobal and her website http://www.ohshewentglobal.com/