Life Lessons From A Queen Who Found Her Self Worth

It can be difficult, finding a space inside of you to fill with love for yourself. It's much easier to find love and forgiveness for others, but not ourselves. We are our toughest critics after all. But with the media providing little to no imagery of our beauty the task of discovering our worth is can be even harder for many.

Fortunately, with social media, there are many women of color standing up and showing up. Displaying our beauty and strength all while inspiring others to find and embrace their own beauty. Women like Lorraine Lewis, the co-creator of Weapons of Fitness Training Centre, a full-service fitness/health center in Jamacia. Born and raised in Canada, Lorraine moved to Jamaica seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. What she found was a sense of self, inner peace, and worth. Here is Lorraine's story.



I just wanted to do something new with my body and my mind and yoga was the perfect option for me. I was truly just drawn to it. It’s a journey that takes you to places you would never realize about YOURSELF. It is work and not always easy or nice, but it is necessary in order to see who you really are


I am proud to represent yogis who are women of color. I am even more proud to represent women of color who are curvy. REPRESENTATION MATTERS. I just want to see more beautiful women who look like me. I enjoy embracing this new awakening of who we really are. We really are #BLACKGIRLMAGIC. Once you realize who you are you become FREE, but it takes work to continue to be free because society would rather have us live in captivity forever. For now, I will do my part.


I AM BEAUTIFUL, is a quote or mantra I try to tell myself daily because for so long we were taught that the ideal beauty is that of a blonde, blue-eyed skinny woman. That is the biggest lie, #efftherebeautystandards. I am beautiful simply because I AM. We really need to tell ourselves this everyday until it resonates down in our soul.
Selfcare is something that we really need to embrace much more of on a daily basis because 1. We deserve it and 2. You only live once so make the best of it.


Currently, I am focusing on healing my body physically because I have been in a lot of joint pain lately and know that it is due to inflammation so I am on a detox program right now to try to heal my body from the inside out. Lots of fruit juices, green juices, herbal teas, water and herbal supplements that are good for cleansing and strengthening the immune system.

This has been the hardest part of my journey because my body is not able to do many of the simple things that I took for granted. This is truly a humbling and awakening experience. It is teaching me to really be aware of what I am doing to my body and want I have been feeding my body. I am looking forward to coming out of this experience with a much healthier body, mind and spirit.



Keep up with Lorraine's journey on her Instagram @curvycurlylorraine and her website