He's Helping Other's Optimize Their Life


Today's Healthy Hueman is Josh Holland. He is a holistic, nationally certified, accomplished celebrity trainer and fitness expert who utilizes his strong knowledge in exercise science, biomechanics, nutrition, and ancestral health to develop proven techniques and programs. Having transformed the bodies of a host of celebrities including Madonna, Oscar Isaac and Roger Waters, Josh has been responsible for the health and wellness of many notable people in the worlds of business, fashion and entertainment.


When did you fall in love with wellness? 

I first got introduced to health and wellness through my upbringing in martial arts at a very young age. After getting my black belt, I became interested in a variety of sports and training modalities. So, I feel that I had the best of both worlds with experience in Eastern and Western philosophies.

Can you tell us about your wellness service?

My goal, purpose, and passion in life is to truly help others to optimize all parts of life through health coaching and movement training. I dabble in all things health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle optimization. I have a true passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures especially if it pertains to health and wellness. I am also an avid reader and I love research.


What is your favorite part about the work you do? 

I love the feeling of getting constant gratification from my clients, colleagues, and peers. I get to see people change before my eyes and in real time. Seeing the light bulb turn on in regards to certain movement patterns or seeing dramatic changes in the appearance of others really drives me. Simply put, I love connecting with people on all levels and I truly enjoy what I do!!


What does “black wellness” mean to you? And what would you like to see happen or more of in the black community?

I feel deep down that we ALL originate from African ancestry. And when you really break it down, there are ways to connect with our ancestral roots which allow our bodies and minds to thrive. When I think of black wellness, I think of eating and living in a way that supports the 5 elements of health (earth/food, water, fire/sun, and PEMF pulsed electromagnetic fields)


What is the top obstacle you see for black people in wellness? What is your ideal solution?

I think it’s expected for black people to automatically be athletic, have rhythm and coordination. That expectation can be very daunting at times and puts a lot of pressure on black people/athletes. We’re much more than that and should not be defined only by our expected athleticism or entertainment value. Also, I think the thought of eating “Soul Food” all the time is detrimental to our health. My solution for that is simply to bring about more awareness and recognition to a more diverse range of accomplishments. And, it’s important to understand that there are healthier ways to prepare Soul Food and many other heritage/cultural foods.


What is your self-care or wellness ritual/regimen?

I strive to be as natural as possible and I won’t put anything on my skin or hair that I wouldn’t eat. I move as much as possible but typically only workout 3 times per week. I practice cyclical intermittent fasting and I try to provide my body with the most nutrients available. I also totally believe in tracking my blood results and gut microbiome in order to fully assess what my body needs and what it doesn’t need.


What's one ritual you recommend we adopt to cultivate peace and wellness?

Get in the practice of prioritizing sleep. Good sleep does wonders for overall health and wellness.

What recent small purchase has increased your quality of life?

Grounding accessories from Earthing.com. I use the arm band, leg band and pillowcases to ground my body and reconnect to the frequencies of the earth.


What is your final message for the community? 

Ultimately we have the power to change our lives for the better. My mantra is “Our bodies and minds adapt to what we do most of the time. If you want to change your body and mind, you must change what it is you do most of the time!” Oh and Be Curious!


Where can we find more of you?

IG: @joshuajholland

Website: www.joshuajholland.com

Podcast: @simplywalkthetalk